MailWizz Mailing Dashboard – Connect Your SMTP and Start!


 Any Email marketing system consists of two parts:

  • The sender: (SMTP service) this is the technical part. It allows you to send emails over the internet.
  • The Management Application, where you can configure and manage your Email Lists, Marketing Campaigns, monitor and analyze results, manage your sending servers, and so on.

 So we connect both together to get an Email Marketing System. 

 Here, I will provide you with the Email management application online dashboard, so you can connect your SMTP   Service/Server and Start Directly without worrying about Hosting Security, Maintenance, or anything else.

 So You will get a Malwizz Account where you can start managing your email marketing campaigns directly.

 Why This Service?

 Simply, if you want to set up and manage Mailwizz by your self, you will have to pay for the license, Hosting, Go with the   Setup and maintain your server.

 Also, for the hosting, it will cost you at least 60-120$ per year to host Mailwizz on the VPS server.

 So with this service, you will not worry about anything, get the Mailwizz Dashboard and Start!

 You can test the Demo here:

 User: [email protected]

 Password: test123

 This is just a demo, Dont Send Campaigns or Add Your Email Lists, All Info is public and can be seen by anyone!

 SMTP Servers are not included, this is only the dashboard!



 I need an email you wanna register within Mailwizz.

Order Details      $99

 2 Days with 2 Revisions