Windows 7 complete activator is Here : Windows 7 Loader v 2.2.2

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Windows 7 complete activator

This is the loader application that’s used by millions of people worldwide, well-known for passing Microsoft’s WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and is arguably the safest Windows activation exploit ever created. The application itself injects a SLIC (System Licensed Internal Code) into your system before Windows boots; this is what fools Windows into thinking it’s genuine.

On HAX really didn’t want to develop a new Windows 7 activator, because we found that the latest version of Daz’s Windows 7 loader works pretty awesome !

What it can do ?

  • Works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and all system updates
  • Compatible with all system languages
  • Can be used to pre-activate Windows
  • Allows you to install custom OEM information
  • Work alongside Linux’s GRUB or any other boot manager
  • Works with VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V
  • Allows you to add your own certificates and serials externally
  • Install just the certificate and serial for users with an existing SLIC 2.1
  • Automated system profiling (The application matches everything up for you)
  • Won’t modify any system files
  • No extra processes

How to Activate Windows 7 ?

  1. Install any Edition or Version of Windows 7
  2. Quit from all other windows,applications and save any non-saved documents
  3. Download and Run Windows 7 Loader
  4. Click Install
  5. Restart your computer
  6. After restarting go to Windows 7 System Information window
  7. That’s All !!



             Downloads LINK


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