Wifi Walkie Talkie Pro Mod APK is here [latest]

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Wifi Walkie Talkie – Free Call is the best application to communicate free of fellow wi-fi network with all connected devices on the nerwork.

Some of the users have a problem about voice quality. If you have the same problem, please select the codec bit rate of devices as 3.95 kbps from the setting menu
WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Pust-to-Talk application which allows you to talk for free over wireless networks.

With this application, you can transmit your voice data to all devices which are on the same network or to any device which you know its IP address.

Excellent features of Talkie Walkie:

– Broadcast Audio on all devices.
– Multi Cast Audio on a device that is registered on a specific IP address that you have chosen.
– Unicast Address that will get audio only for one device
– Touch to Talk or Just Tap on the walkie.
– Free to use.

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Wifi Walkie Talkie Pro

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