Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone v31.4 APK Is Here

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Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone [Plus]

Standout features include:

  • All Pixel Launcher features: swipe up from your dock to reveal the new full screen All Apps mode, tint the dock, use the new circular folder style, place the

Google Pill and Date widgets and more. Enabled by default, and available for free!

  • Full customizable dock search box: Complete control to color and customize the search box and its icons to your heart’s content!
  • At a Glance widget: Quickly view the weather, date and your next calendar appointment!
  • App Shortcuts: Use Android 8’s App Shortcuts, on devices running Android 5.1 or later!
  • Adaptive Icon support: Devices running Oreo can use native Adaptive Icon support. Devices not yet on Oreo can also use Adaptive Icons by installing

Action Launcher’s official companion app, AdaptivePack!

  • An inbuilt weather widget!
  • Google Now integration for all!
  • Full Notification Dots support.
  • Quicktheme: marvel as your home screen is customized with the colors from your wallpaper.
  • Shutters: swipe a shortcut to reveal an app’s widget. Useful for previewing your inbox or Facebook feed without opening the app.
  • Quickbar: customize the Google search bar with shortcuts and apps of your choosing.
  • Quickedit: have alternative icon suggestions instantly presented to you, without having to dig through icon packs.
  • Smartsize icons: icons are automatically resized to match Material Design’s recommended icon size.
  • Covers: an innovative take on traditional folders. Tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have customized.
  • Use icon packs, scale icons, hide and rename apps and much more.
  • Full phone, phablet and tablet support.

What’s New

  • Adaptive folders!
  • “Product Sans” font integration.
  • Essential Phone support.
  • Support for Oreo’s widget/shortcut pinning.
  • So. Many. Bug. Fixes.

Requires : Android 4.1 and up

How to Install?

  1. Download a supported application launcher (see the list at bottom)
  2. Install the icon pack
  3. Start application and apply. In the list choose your launcher.
  4. If you do not see your application launcher in the list then apply it within your launcher
  5. Done and Enjoy!  🙂



Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone v31.4 APK (16.5 MB)

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